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   Welcome to the Ed.von Japan website. 
 We are the experts in Japanese visa procedures, and can help you obtain the right visa to work, do business, 
and reside in Japan. Foreign nationals who wish to do business in Japan must have the appropriate visa.
 At Ed.von Japan, our consultants  have the qualifications and credentials needed to act on your behalf in visa matters.
 By taking care of visa-related bureaucracy on your behalf, we enable you to concentrate on what you do best: provide 
great products and services to your customers. 
 We deal with the bureaucracy so you don’t have to Obtaining a visa to do business 
in Japan involves complex procedures with various departments of the legal affairs and immigration bureaus.
 At Ed.von Japan, our consultants have the government-mandated qualifications and credentials needed to serve as an agent for 
these procedures. 
 Let our experts act on your behalf and save yourself the time, effort, and anxiety of dealing with the Japanese 

Ed.von Japan Services Overview

Foreign work visa acquisition

Acquired Japanese permanent residence · Acquired Japanese nationality

Acquire management visas · Establishment of company etc.

Immigration procedures · Foreign legal affairs

Translation of various legal documents (Japanese · English · Chinese · Vietnamese)

Ed.von Japan at a Glance

Name Office:Ed.von Japan
Street address
         Tokyo Office: 3-17-9 Fukijimayashini Buil 3F Higashi, taito, Tokyo, 110-0015.
         Osaka Office: 1-14-18 TY 3F, Kitahorie, Osaka City,5500014.
         Akashi Office: 13-12 Yamashita Buil 3F Yamashitamachi, Akashi City, Hyogo Province, 673-0878.
         Kumamoto Office: 1-3-50 Kareria II, Taijama, Minami, Kumamoto City, 862-0965.            
Mail address:vics @ edvon.net         
Principal:Edoji Kun 

*We do not accept consultation at mail · telephone · SNS at all. Be sure to make an appointment reservation
*We have a duty of confidentiality (obligation to keep a secret). Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything.